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DVD Movie Reviews

In addition to our weekend theater movie picks.....we decided to start reviewing DVD movies now too.  Kind of a one-two punch right into your theatrical gut.  Because movies are such an integral part of our world of vintage t-shirts.  Plus, we really like watching them.

So feel free to tune in here to our blog each week.  We'll review new and old releases, based-off our own unique rating system.  Here's how it works;

-"Don't see it".  Pretty self-explanatory.  It's not worth seeing.  We took the bullet for you on this one.  This movie was so bad that you should skip to the next one.

-"Not good".  This movie was, well, not good.  But worth seeing anyway.  For a variety of reasons, such as simply enriching your pop culture knowledge.

-"OK".  This movie was just OK.  It was entertaining to watch, but maybe had huge plot holes, or wasn't just very plausible.

-"Good".  Now we're moving into elite status.  This movie was entertaining AND solid in other key viewing aspects.  Such as a balance between action and drama, or believability and plausibility.

-"Great".  The pinnacle of movies.  A movie so good that it becomes one of your favorites.  Nuff said.

As you can see, our rating systems is basically an every-mans way to review.  Kind of how you would refer movies to your friends.  It's nothing formal, but we feel it works well.  So enjoy the upcoming reviews!


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