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DVD Movie Reviews

In addition to our weekend theater movie picks.....we decided to start reviewing DVD movies now too.  Kind of a one-two punch right into your theatrical gut.  Because movies are such an integral part of our world of vintage t-shirts.  Plus, we really like watching them. So feel free to tune in here to our blog each week.  We'll review new and old releases, based-off our own unique rating system.  Here's how it works; -"Don't see it".  Pretty self-explanatory.  It's not worth seeing.  We took the bullet for you on this one.  This movie was so bad that you should skip..  - Read More

Weekend Movie Picks

Need help picking a movie to see at the theater each weekend?  Well you're in luck!  Because each Friday, we'll be picking one flick that we'd recommend seeing and posting it on our Facebook and Twitter page.  No promises on how good the movie will be, so don't ask for your money back!  But since movies are so important to us and inspire our vintage t-shirt designs, we wanted to share our love of the big screen with our fans.  So look forward to our picks!  - Read More


So this is our first blog post.  Here you'll find cool stories about how we dreamt-up our vintage designs, along with news and updates.  Stay tuned as we'll be adding posts early and often.  - Read More

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